Gabrielle Calise, Social Trending Producer

Gabrielle Calise

Social Trending Producer

As a digital native, I love finding unusual stories and telling them in new ways online. I get excited about offbeat news, funny tweets and creative visuals. I grew up in Clearwater and joined the Tampa Bay Times as a web producer intern after graduating from the University of Florida in June 2018. I previously worked at the NPR station in North Central Florida and The Gainesville Sun. When I'm not on the web desk, I can be found at the nearest concert, eating some kind of dessert, or kickboxing.

That spaceship on top of a Tampa strip club? It once was the house of the future.

2001 Odyssey is known for its iconic spaceship. But how did that thing actually get on the roof? LUIS SANTANA   |   Times
How did a Futuro house become the VIP room on the roof of 2001 Odyssey?

People love riding horses in Tampa Bay waters. But what about all the poop?

Tour operators such C Ponies take guests on a horseback swim along the beach near the Skyway bridge on Saturday, June 15, 2019 in St. Petersburg. Critics say the horses are trampling the natural seagrass harming habitats for wildlife. Horse manure left floating in the water is another concern to those opposed to the tours. LUIS SANTANA   |   Times
Swimming horse tours are one of the most popular attractions in the area, but environmental concerns may push them out.

9 things you didnít know about Tampa strip clubs

From our scandals over the years to the courtroom moment that made the pages of Playboy.

Tampa strip clubs and the battle to bare it all: How the lap dance was outlawed 20 years ago
Tampa police raided clubs and dragged strippers out in handcuffs. Lawsuits were filed. The nation watched. Hereís how we became known as the strip club capital of the country.

Bearss? Wimauma? Masaryktown? Here’s how to pronounce the tricky names around Tampa Bay.

Left and top right photos courtesy of C.T. Bowen, Times Staff Writer. Middle and Bottom photos from the Times archives.
How do you say these names, and where did they even come from anyway?