Daniel Figueroa IV, Digital Producer

Daniel Figueroa IV

Digital Producer

I sacrifice precious hours of sleep to make sure folks all over the Tampa Bay area get all the news they need when the morning starts. I’m originally from the Bronx, but Florida’s been home for the last eight years. There are few things cooler to me than being on the forefront of information and connecting with the community I love. When I’m not trying to figure out ways to sneak Star Wars and Indiana Jones references into my stories (both of which I’ve done successfully I might add) I’m probably riding a motorcycle somewhere in search of my next favorite taco shop. Some days I write the weather. Please don’t hold that against me.

Florida man, former Animal Planet star rescues gator from pool, plans to use him to teach

Paul Bedard rescues a nearly 9-foot gator from a Parkland pool on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Paul Bedard
Unlike many trappers around the state, Paul Bedard tries to save gators from harvest.

Florida man has eaten almost nothing but mac and cheese for 17 years

Screenshot of Austin Davis from a Vice News documentary on Youtube. Vice News/Youtube
The 20-year-old Keystone Heights resident has selective eating disorder believed to stem from childhood trauma.

Pasco sheriff releases video of Florida man purposely driving into a house

A deputy's body camera recorded the arrest of man suspected of deliberately backing an SUV into the home of a neighbor.Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office ho
Deputies said Timothy Farmer backed his Ford Explorer into the home, then resisted arrest.

Taco Bell beef recalled for having metal shavings

Taco Bell Tuesday announced it had recalled 2.3 million pounds of its seasoned beef filling.
The fast food chain announced Tuesday it voluntarily recalled 2.3 million pounds of beef after customers reported fining metal shavings in their food.

Hudson man molested 11-year-old while they played video games, deputies say

Michael Psofimis is accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl. Pasco Sheriff's Office
Deputies said the incident happened in September.