Local craft beer of the week: Black Hole 7un, 7venth Sun Brewery

A galaxy of flavors escape in this black hole-inspired brew.
Published May 23

Someone’s been having fun with beer-can copywriting. In one of the latest canned releases from 7venth Sun, a brewery with locations in both Dunedin and Tampa, flavoring ingredients are likened to attributes of a black hole: oranges form the outer perimeter of the event horizon, with raspberry on its inner edge. Coffee? The singularity, of course.

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The tie-in comes from last month’s history-first photograph of a black hole, perhaps the most mysterious aspect of the known universe. Why not use that as an inspiration for a beer? 7venth Sun’s aptly-named Black Hole 7un holds the honor — an unlikely pairing of the aforementioned ingredients in a tart Berliner weisse base.

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Black Hole 7un pours an opaque ruby resulting from copious amounts of raspberry purée added to the base brew.

The nose, however is startling — a burst of cocoa and coffee instead of tart berries and citrus.

A first taste is dominated by the bold coffee flavor, but that quickly mellows into a smooth accompaniment to bright lemon, orange and raspberry notes, followed by a rich and satisfying wheat finish. The longer you drink Black Hole 7un, the more cohesive and natural its flavors work together — an impressive feat, considering such unlikely pairings.

If you’d like to try this “delicious and mystifying beer experience,” as the brew’s can touts, then you can pick up canned four-packs for $12 apiece or try it on tap at either 7venth Sun tasting room, 6809 N Nebraska Ave. in Tampa and 1012 E Broadway Ave. in Dunedin.

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